PANYC's first e-publication
, other than our Newsletter, is the proceedings of a program entitled The Practice of Urban Archaeology. PANYC cosponsored this October 2, 2010 event with the New York Archaeological Council (NYAC) and the Columbia Center for Archaeology. Program panelists work in the regulatory and review side of archaeology outside of New York State and were invited to provide their perspectives, addressing 10 questions whose responses make up the proceedings.

In 1992, Panyc published Archaeology in New York City, which we are making available here in electonic format. The publication, edited by Anne-Marie Cantwell and Diana diZerega Wall and including contributions from other PANYC members, is an introduction to the archaeology of New York City. It explains how professional archaeologists work in New York and shows how some commonly-found artifacts are used to provide clues in deciphering our city's past.

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